What We Do

The GIA is an industry–applied research collaboration established to address barriers to uptake of innovations to the electricity sector.

These barriers include:

  • Limited effectiveness in collaboration between industry, business and research agencies in electricity sector innovation;
  • A lack of guidance to innovators as to the needs of the end market;
  • The need for impartial scientific validation of new technology innovations;
  • Lack of understanding of applied value of innovations; and
  • Difficulty in extrapolation of customer and whole of societal benefits of an innovation so that policy makers can make informed decisions.

The GIA was formalised in a Collaboration Agreement in October 2011. It has a pipeline of activities currently underway or under consideration addressing key priority issues for the industry.

Areas of immediate interest include:

  • Demand and Energy Conservation;
  • Renewable Energy Integration;
  • Voltage Optimisation;
  • Storage – Thermal and Electrical Storage Innovations;
  • Waste Heat Capture and Distributed Generation;
  • New business and funding models; and
  • Electric Vehicles.
GIA Projects